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Modern Sparkle Sequin Table Runner - 120" Metallic Gold

SKU - 4592-43

Add color and texture to your wedding tables with the bright metallic gold sparkle sequin table runner. Visually striking, the table runner is a dynamic and inexpensive table decoration that’s able to complement your modern centerpiece arrangements as well as a stylish way to protect your tables. Available in 120 inches in length, the table runner easily covers surfaces of various sizes. An affordable décor piece, the table runner makes a great metallic accent that ties in beautifully with a bright gold color scheme. Bringing a bit of glitz and glam to your party or wedding reception tables at a cheap price. It’s even a great table decoration to have on hand when entertaining in your home. Used with or without a tablecloth the sparkly table runner will dazzle your dinner guests adding an elegant, contemporary look to your dining room table at your next party!
DETAILS - Polyester & sequin|Dry clean only, 120" (L) x 14" (W)

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