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Narwhal Ceramic Planter

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This animal planter from Kate Aspen creates magical nursery decor and fits in any room of your house or can be displayed outside during warmer weather. A Narwhal Ceramic Planter is perfect for a housewarming gift and also makes great party decor when your theme is adorable and functional to bring out the imagination of your friends and family. The planter allows you to create a succulent plant pot you can gift to others with cacti or other succulents that can survive through tough elements. The narwhal is sculpted with white ceramic and stands out with a gold foil horn that makes the look exceptional for inside and outdoor design to set on your patio or right on your kitchen table. With a little love and care, the Narwhal Ceramic Planter can last you for years to come. This cherished housewarming present may also be a sweet centerpiece at a baby shower or bridal shower and can be displayed in any room of your home where you want a tropical look. Kate Aspen home decor, party favors, and decorations for any occasions make your party unique and memorable for all guests. This adorable Narwhal Planter can be admired by children from a distance and even kept as a souvenir for their future with space to grow their own plants with proper care.Features and Facts:1 sculpted ceramic planterWhite and GoldWhite ceramic sculpted Narwhal with Gold Foil horn and hand painted black facial features.Measures: 5.3" w x 3.4" d x 3.1" hPackaged: 5.43" w x 3.78" d x 3.7" h

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