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Perfectly Polished Purse Manicure Set Favor

SKU - A72002


""Perfectly Polished"" Purse Manicure Set

Fun, whimsical and oh-so-cute, this pink and black floral adorned patent-look purse manicure set is sure to impress your girl friends, bridal shower guests or any girly-girl. The 4 piece set comes complete with scissors, nail clipper, file and tweezers - all that's needed for a well-groomed night out! The secure button purse closer is a snap and keeps the manicure tools organized. Practicality with panache, this party favor is ready to give and comes with a matching purse shaped For You gift tag. Uniquely yours by Artisano Designs.

Material: Synthetic fabric purse/case and metal instruments; Purse measures approximately 5.25"" x 5"" (13.3 x 12.7 cm)




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