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Tea Time Whimsy Napkins - Blue (Set of 30)

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The Blue Tea Time Whimsy Napkins set of 30 from Kate Aspen are great for any occasion. These decorative napkins feature a geometric design for a unique look at your wedding or baby shower. The napkins are disposable for easy clean up and can also be placed at each plate setting to match your theme of the day. Floral paper napkins are great for both day and night and pair with our matching plates, cups and other items from the Tea Time collection! These special napkins from Kate Aspen are great for all plates from appetizers through dessert as well as a spot to put servings if you choose a buffet dinner for your special day. When your guests are all ages, you can make sure there are no hard messes at the end of the day with paper napkins they can be throw away at their own leisure. Feeling fancy? These paper napkins can be folded like origami to place on the table or invite your guests to make their own shapes. The set of 30 is great for any occasion to pass out as a coaster or a necessary addition for your guests to clean their hands after a meal. No matter what you serve, these Kate Aspen napkins clean up the mess.Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 30 paper napkins.Teal, Pink, Gold Foil, and WhiteSet of 30 folded square napkins with teal border trimmed in a gold foil flourish pattern and rose floral pattern in the center.Measures: 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 6.52" w x 6.52" d x 0.79" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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