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Tea Time Whimsy Napkins - Pink (Set of 30)

SKU - 28490PK

Our Pink Tea Time Whimsy Napkins (sold in a set of 30) are designed with vibrant colors and made of high quality paper to make a statement of beauty and stand up to use during your celebration. They come with a generous portion of 30 per order. Our Tea Time Whimsy Napkins are a timeless design that screams feminine and beauty and classic. They are perfect for that fancy touch at your wedding or bridal shower or baby shower or brunch. They are made with high quality paper so that they will stand up to use throughout your celebration. Our Tea-Time Whimsy Napkins print and design is rich in color and will make a beautiful statement on any table. They complement our Tea-Time Whimsy party kit perfectly, and their beautiful floral design they will match any theme.Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 30 paper napkins.Pink, Gold, Green, and White Set of 30 folded square napkins with pink border trimmed in a gold foil flourish pattern and rose floral pattern in the center.Measures: 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 6.52" w x 6.52" d x 0.79" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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