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Wedding Chalkboard Sign - Blank

SKU - 4841-10

Chalkboard signs are an eye catching and decorative way for a bride and groom to share important wedding information and welcome their guests. That’s why this stylish blank chalkboard is so great! The use of the chalkboard is entirely up to you. You can fashion the blank board into a vertical or horizontal welcome sign, countdown board, drinks menu, or message letting guests know your custom wedding hashtag. The only limits on the rectangle blackboard are in the way you use its medium size. Plus, you can use the chalkboard after the wedding day in your home, as a decoration or a handy note board. A top of class, cheap chalkboard option you can also get a cute, wooden tabletop display easel to show off your hand drawn design!
DETAILS - MDF & Chalkboard Finish|Wooden stand sold separately, 12" (L) x .4" (W) x 16.5" (H)

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