Yin and Yang Olive Oil-Vinegar Dipping Dish

SKU - A02205

 "Yin and Yang" Dipping Bowl for Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar or Dips  

The best things in life aren't all the same, there's interplay - Yin & Yang. That's true in love and in the flavours of life. Flavours so different, yet interconnected, and combining into a wonderful culinary energy.

Bring this energy to your place settings by serving appetizers or dipping sauces in harmony with your palate. Wrapped as gifts these gorgeous dipping dishes make wonderful wedding favours or party keepsake giveaways.  Dip some fine artisan bread for a mesmerizing feast for the senses. Features: 

  • Softly edged round bowl with organic shapes separating EVOO and vinegar or your favourite dipping sauces
  • Proportionally designed oil-vinegar ratio for flavourful taste where your palate does the measuring
  • Made of high quality porcelain
  • Sold in Bulk (not in gift packaging)
  • 3.75" Diametre (9.5 cm d)

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