Your Complete Guide to Personalized Paper Napkins, Table Décor, and Supplies

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Your Complete Guide to Personalized Paper Napkins, Table Décor, and Supplies

Everyone loves a great celebration with abundant food and drink for all. You probably already know that keeping your guests happy also means providing them with all of the essentials that go along with such a festivity. Whether you’re planning a bridal or baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party, or any other special occasion, you’re going to need party decorations and supplies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put on the best dang party that anyone has ever seen. It may be a tall order but now you’ve got some help. Here’s your complete guide to personalized paper napkins, table decorations, and supplies.

Personalized Paper Napkins

Once the tasty treats are laid out on display, they’re a beacon to foodies who will be drawn to them, unprepared for what awaits them. Once there, they will be unable to leave empty handed. And to keep their hands clean, you’re going to need the right supplies. Personalized napkins go beyond the realm of usefulness and add some class to any event. You can have names, dates, monogrammed initials, logos, numbers, or pretty much anything else that you can imagine, grace this paper product.

Table Décor and Supplies

In Casa Gifts has table decorations and supplies for every occasion. The bigger the party, the more money you’ll save on bulk orders. Larger orders also qualify for free shipping to most locations in Canada. Here are seven decorating ideas for showers, weddings, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

  1. Paper Napkins

Personalized Paper Napkins

Build Your Personalized Wedding Paper Napkins or for any Party Occasion

As described above, custom paper napkins are essential and can’t be overlooked. The more personalized with colour and script the better!

  1. Decorative Crystals

Beautiful decorative crystals make for gorgeous table décor and are most popular for bridal showers and wedding receptions. This bling can add some zing to any Hollywood-style theme.

  1. Multipurpose Charms and Trims

There’s a ton of awesome charms and trims to choose from that complement any theme and are suitable for nearly any occasion. Some popular charms include nautical-themed ones, antique keys, and royal emblems. There’s a big selection of faux jewels for those DIY experts out there. You’re only bound by your imagination, so have fun and let your creative side take over.

  1. Napkin Rings

These stunning napkin rings are a lovely addition to any table setting – they’re great for weddings or any other formal occasion that calls for cloth over paper napkins. There are many beautiful designs available to suit nearly any theme. Leaves, snowflakes, pearls, cherry blossoms, and wood veneer are just a few of the fantastic selections to look through. Give your napkins the royal treatment with these gorgeous pieces.

  1. Plain and Personalized Ribbons

Ribbons can add charm and character to nearly anything they touch. Personalized ribbons can take it to the next level and are an awesome decoration for birthday parties and special occasions.

  1. Table Runners

Table Runner Wedding Decor

Custom Personalized Table Runners Add Elegance to Your Table Setting!

Table runners can be used for a variety of events including bridal and baby showers, weddings, and special birthday parties. They can be personalized with your custom design, text, logos, images, and whatever else you want to put on them. Burlap runners are a huge hit with rustic weddings held indoors or out. They are also available with lace trim in various lengths to add some elegance and contrast to an otherwise earthy feel.

  1. Table Confetti

Hugely popular for wedding celebrations and anniversaries, table confetti comes in a variety of shapes, colours, and materials. Acrylic diamonds, heart shapes, printed silk flower pedals, metallic confetti for milestone anniversaries, preserved natural rose petals, silk cherry blossoms, Hydrangea, and rose petals are just a sample of the many wonderful table confetti available. Spread these generously across the head table, sweets and cake table area, entrance table, or anywhere else that needs that extra little bit of pizzazz.

Table Décor Ideas

Now that you’ve got the decorating know-how, it’s time to put this training to good use. Personalized paper napkins, fab table decorations, and supplies to wow your guests are at your disposal and it’s up to you to complete your mission. Now that you’ve decorated your event, don’t forget the party favor giveaways for your guests! HQ has every confidence in you to do the right thing. Good luck out there!


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